Landmark Painting - A Professional Painting Company

A Professional Painting Company

Landmark Painting is a professional full service painting contractor bringing personal perfection and beauty to each home. Matthew Arkell founded Landmark Painting in 2000 to specialize in high end quality custom homes. Whether working with a homeowner, a new construction contractor or interior designers, Matthew’s critical eye helps to set the bar for clean finishes in your home.

The company’s success is founded in Matthew’s perfectionism in both workmanship and customer service. Matthew personally supervises each crew, creating smoothly run projects with organized job sites and sets strict standards for working in and around homes. While working in your home, drop cloths are laid to protect flooring and job sites are maintained, kept clean and picked up the end of each day with a special area designated for equipment and products.

With great efficiency the Landmark Painting team skillfully completes each job with as little impact on the homeowner and environment as possible. A job is only complete when both the homeowner and Matthew are satisfied with the finished result.

Concern for the welfare of their clients coupled with Landmark Painting’s perfectionism easily sets them apart from any other company in Western North Carolina. Communication, meticulous preparation, attention to detail and high quality standards rest at the core of every Landmark Painting project.

Whether refinishing a historic home or painting an innovative custom new construction home, all projects are taken care of in a professional and efficient manner for a finish of lasting beauty.