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Green Alternatives

Our health and the impact we all have on the environment is an important factor for Matthew Arkell and the team of Landmark Painting. By choosing green low VOC paints and being responsible with the disposing our paint materials, Landmark Painting feels the beneficial effects to our health and environment are indisputable. It is critical we all do our part for the sustainability of preserving the beauty of WNC.

One major factor of concern when beginning a painting project is its influence on air quality in your home. Indoor air quality is greatly affected both from the paint gases being emitted and the lead dust particles in older homes, causing numerous health hazards. Fortunately technology has provided safe alternatives that provide high quality, long lasting paint products that are now safe for your health and the environment.

The VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) found in paint evaporate easily into the air and because of the large surface areas typically covered, an immense amount of toxic vapors are leaked into the air.

Southern California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District estimates that paint emissions from homes and other structures there give off about 60 tons of VOC vapors into the air a day. That is a high figure compared to gas stations and oil refineries together which give off less at about 44 tons a day. In addition, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) puts paint on its top- five list of environmental hazards. **

Harsh chemicals frequently found in paint include formaldehyde, toluene and xylene, before 1950 lead was also added and is still a major concern in older houses. These have been shown to cause short-term common health issues includeing eye, nose and throat irritation, headache, nausea and temporary loss of coordination. Long term symptoms include cancer, damage to your liver, kidneys and central nervous system. Especially vulnerable are pregnant women and children.

Landmark Painting takes great pride in offering alternative green Low VOC paints as part of our service for the protection of our customers, our workforce and our environment. Matthew can discuss with you the best match of product for your home and situation if there are any questions about green products. We take all necessary precautions when there are unavoidable fumes or dust making sure the home is well ventilated and materials properly disposed of.

Landmark Painting is one of the few companies certified through UNCA as a safe lead paint removal company. Lead paint removal is dangerous and must be done correctly and expertly to avoid poisonous dust and chips from contaminating the surrounding areas.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) was established to promote whole building approaches one of which includes indoor environmental air quality. LEED has strict building requirements and only products that offer maximum performance, long-term durability and have the highest indoor air quality ratings for low VOC and low odor earn the GreenSure design.

Landmark Painting takes pride in using GreenSure high performance low-VOC products such as Harmony, ProGreen 200 and Duration all of which increase your indoor air quality and help protect your health and the environment without compromising quality or durability.

*United States Environmental Protection Agency
**Aerlas Air Quality Sciences

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